Chamounix Equestrian Center

x – Meet Missy

Missy with a young ride holding a ribbon.

Chamounix acquired Missy, our first pony,  back in 2002 ostensibly in a trade. We gave the dealer a horse that wasn’t working for us and asked if he had any ponies. He gave  us a song and dance that Missy was a decent lesson pony but not flashy enough for his instructor to want to keep her. She had a kind eye and  looked healthy enough. She’s 10 yrs old, or so he said. One of the kids jumped on her in the muddy pen she was in and she rode sound.

I thought we would get an even trade but dealers aren’t called dealers for no reason and we ended up giving him the horse (that ended up working well for him) plus $300.00. I won’t hazard to guess how many kids Missy has put up with over the years. At the ripe old age of 24+ she is no longer carrying kids across the finish line at the local pony races or jumping the 18 inch vertical jumps. She is however still trotting little kids around the ring whether or not the rider chooses to steer.  

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