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    Food, Water, Shelter and a Pony

    Group of riders and Lezlie Hiner.

    Work to Ride was recently featured in a local news article. It’s history and a personal narrative by the writer of what it is like to visit Chamounix Equestrian Center are a delightful look for anyone interested in the Work to Ride story. “Every kid deserves food, water, shelter and a pony,” reads one of many slogans at the Chamounix Equestrian Center. Tucked into the North Philadelphia Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, low-income youth have the opportunity to experience English-style horseback riding through a long-term equine sports program called Work to Ride.” “Lezlie Hiner founded Work to Ride in 1994 as a nonprofit program to get the at-risk kids of Philadelphia off the…

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    Charitable Donations Now Accepts All Credit Cards

    Just in time for last minute charitable donations for 2018, we added the ability to make all Work to Ride donations by credit cards. You can select to support a child, horse, and the program at one-time, or recurring donations of your choice. There are two separate forms. One is the larger donations form with different plans and the other is for quick and easy donations that allows for you to choose a custom amount. There is also a tick box to cover our fees for transactions. Work to Ride  is a  registered non profit in the state of Pennsylvania.    EIN 23 2717148

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    Work to Ride Has a New Website

    We are pleased to announce that Work to Ride has a new website. Newly launched, as of October 3, 2018, it’s expected to work on all mobile devices and meet accessibility requirements. While we continue to add to it, and test it out, please take a look and let us know what you think. Also, check out the video on the homepage. The story of Work to Ride was documented by HBO Sports and the result is the incredible 17 minute video.