Chamounix Equestrian Center

Food, Water, Shelter and a Pony

Group of riders and Lezlie Hiner.

Work to Ride was recently featured in a local news article. It’s history and a personal narrative by the writer of what it is like to visit Chamounix Equestrian Center are a delightful look for anyone interested in the Work to Ride story.

“Every kid deserves food, water, shelter and a pony,” reads one of many slogans at the Chamounix Equestrian Center. Tucked into the North Philadelphia Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, low-income youth have the opportunity to experience English-style horseback riding through a long-term equine sports program called Work to Ride.”

“Lezlie Hiner founded Work to Ride in 1994 as a nonprofit program to get the at-risk kids of Philadelphia off the streets and into the barn—a safer place. Initially leased to her for $1 a year by the Fairmount Park Commission, it’s now a nonprofit run by donation and patrons, including polo legend and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras, who “adopted” WTR in 2010. ”

Read the entire article: The Sport of Kings in the the City of Brotherly Love, by Claire Marie Porter

Food, Water, Shelter and a Pony
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